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We provide turn-Key LCD display systems with mechanical and electrical design services, software programming and integration/ assembly services.
LCD Kit Options

We design and manufacture custom open frame or monitor chassis to fit your kiosk or fixture designs.
Open Frames

Optical Bonding    Optical Bonding (What is Optical Bonding?)
      Wet: Silicon, Epoxy, or UV
      Dry: OCA Film
Optical Bonding
LCD Enhancements
    High-Brightness LED Backlight Units (up to 2000 cd/m2)
    Anti-Glare Coating/ Film
    Anti-Reflective Coating/ Film
    Brightness Enhancement Film
    EMI Shield
    Transparent Heater Film
    IR Reflecting Filter
    NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) Filter and LED Backlight Units
    Protective Tempered Glass
    Sunlight Readable Touch Panels

Ruggedized LCD Solutions
    Ruggedized LCD Panels
    Ruggedized Chassis
    Ruggedized Boards
Open Frames
Outdoor LCD Weatherization Solutions
    Extreme High/ Low Temperature -
      Self-contained A/C or Heating Unit

    Water Proofing -
      Sealed IP54 or IP65 Chassis with Air Filters
12/19/14 - Signet FPD Inc. has introduced a line of competitive TFT LCD panels. Please contact our sales team for pricing and specifications.

Please contact our sales team for more information.


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